Why did Mary Aikenhead Ministries require a new crest?

Mary Aikenhead Ministries has its own crest and signature as it is a separate organisation from the Congregation. The new crest and signature were designed to link the history of the Sisters with the future of the Ministries.

Why has the Congregation established Mary Aikenhead Ministries?

The Congregation decided to establish Mary Aikenhead Ministries partially as a result of the changing realities for the Congregation and partially in response to the demands and increasing complexity within the ministry works. Above all is the desire to ensure that the works of the Sisters continue, grow and flourish in the future through the enhancement of lay leadership.

Does the establishment of Mary Aikenhead Ministries mean that there will be no Sisters in our organisations?

No! The Congregation is hopeful that the Sisters already present in our facilities will continue their work for as long as possible.

Do I need permission to use the Mary Aikenhead Ministries crest?

Yes, any facility wishing to use the crest should obtain written permission from Mary Aikenhead Ministries. Read more about this in the Visual Identity Guidelines.

Are there specific Protocols in place for events and blessings within Mary Aikenhead Ministries facilities?

Yes, a Protocols document has been prepared for all Mary Aikenhead Ministries facilities. Download a copy of the Protocols please click here.

When did Mary Aikenhead Ministries commence?

The official commencement date was July 1st, 2009. Ritual handovers then took place in Brisbane on July 21st, Sydney on July 22nd (am) and Melbourne on July 22nd (pm). These dates were chosen to commemorate the 151st anniversary of the death of Mary Aikenhead.

Where are the Ministry offices located?

The office is located in Edgecliff.
Suite 2.01, Level 2 Edgecliff Centre
203 New South Head Road, Edgecliff
Phone: (02) 9335 5400
Fax: (02) 9327 7811

What is a Public Juridic Person?

A Public Juridic Person (PJP) is an aggregate of persons or things with a purpose befitting the Church’s mission. As a Church body established to perform specific tasks entrusted to it in view of the common good, and to perform these tasks on behalf of the Church. The Congregation and Mary Aikenhead Ministries are both PJPs. The task of Mary Aikenhead Ministries is to ensure the ministries of the Sisters continue to flourish into the future and in the name of the Church.

What is the role of the Trustees?

The Trustees are the Canon Law and civil stewards of the Ministries. As such, the Ministries report to, and are accountable to the Trustees. Read more about the Trustees.

Will there be an impact on the individual facilities?

On a day-to-day basis not a lot is different. Essentially it is a different reporting structure, a different Church entity to which the facilities report. There will be annual general meetings, visits to facilities, ceremonies that are attended, but these functions will be done by the Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries. The Trustees’ reporting mechanism will be different as they are required to report to Rome on an annual basis, whereas previously the Congregation reported to Rome every six years, at the time of Chapter. It is really governance that is different.

Do you have a question about Mary Aikenhead Ministries?

Please email: info@maministries.com.au