Sisters of Charity 175 Years

The first five Sisters of Charity landed in Sydney on 31 December 1838 – a year of celebrations of the 175th anniversary of their arrival commenced on 31 December 2013. The Trustees were honoured to participate in major Congregational celebrations in Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Parramatta and Sydney. They also welcomed the invitation of the Congregation to consider a special project to mark the occasion.

The request was for the Trustees to place a plaque at the sites of ministries established and/or formerly conducted by the Congregation. From their earliest years the Religious Sisters of Charity of Australia founded schools, hospitals, hospices, aged care facilities, social services and other ministries at some 80 sites across Eastern Australia – some of these are now part of Mary Aikenhead Ministries; others are within another education or health care system.  The plaque presentations were joyous celebrations across 2014 and early 2015 when Sisters of Charity joined the Trustees at these sites of Congregational ministry. The occasions allowed the recounting of the Sisters’ story and of the continuation of their ministry work by Mary Aikenhead Ministries.