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    Established in 1990, Sisters of Charity Outreach is a Catholic community service organisation committed to providing assistance to families in need across New South Wales through the active participation of trained volunteers and staff.

    Inspired by the charism of Mary Aikenhead and the Sisters of Charity, Outreach responds to unmet needs in society. We do this by providing greater access to health care, reducing social isolation and supporting families impacted by domestic violence.

    Outreach services include:
    • Domestic violence crisis accommodation and support
    • Transport for country people in Sydney for medical treatment
    • Support for people attending court
    • Affordable short term accommodation near Westmead
    • Home visits for socially isolated people
    • Support for carers of patients in St Vincent’s Hospitals


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    Social Services
    A home away from home low-cost, shared accommodation service for regional NSW families needing to stay in Sydney for medical services and hosp
    Gary Sillett

    08 Sep 2017