Leadership Formation

In the spirit of Mary Aikenhead, the Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries call all to a shared and collaborative leadership which seeks to respond to the needs of the poor at this time. The Trustees acknowledge that our heritage and our values place service of the poor at the heart of our work and thus we commit our ministries to a preferential option for the poor.

The Trustees recognise that each person within Mary Aikenhead Ministries has the capacity to engage in relationships of collaboration, inspiration and influence. Recognising the gifts of all within our ministries, we seek to respond to all people with courage and flexibility, focusing with hope and compassion on the common good of humankind. This, we believe, is at the heart of our call to minister within the Church.

As Trustees we invite those in our ministries to a leadership, which meets the needs of the poor. As well as responding within each specific ministry, the Trustees call all to a collective initiative on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged. The process for this call to action is, firstly, to identify within our facilities and services the evidence of current response and, in so doing, celebrate what we have in place and then to work on behalf of the reign of God in the present and for the future.

  1. MAM Leadership Framework
  2. Australian Pilgrimages
  3. Facilitator’s Handbook