About Our Crest


Core Colours

Two core colours, blue and purple, were selected to enhance legibility of the symbol, add a sense of dimension and clearly define the four major elements in the design. Blue has long been associated with the Sisters of Charity, and purple is a colour symbolic of spirituality, divinity and knowledge.


The Initials

The designers, Jenssen Design Associates, have drawn upon Mary Aikenhead’s signature to connect Mary Aikenhead Ministries to their founding story and to suggest Mary Aikenhead’s strong affirmation of this courageous and faith-filled step for the Australian Church in the 21st century. This clear link with the person of Mary Aikenhead establishes the ministries’ essential characteristic of staying connected with the charism of the Congregation.

Using the script of Mary Aikenhead’s signature indicates the ministries are personal and relational. It reflects the conviction that Mary Aikenhead’s responsiveness to the needs of her own day will continue in Mary Aikenhead Ministries, which will faithfully reflect an authentic Gospel response. With the gift of providence this same use of M.A. connects to Maria Angelorum in the Congregational crest.


Our Values

The Gospel values embraced by Mary Aikenhead Ministries – love, justice, compassion and hope are reflected in the use of the heart, cross and tongues of fire, which are so integral in our Catholic tradition.


The Flame

The flame is not contained, it is reaching out, embracing, guiding and directing all who are touched by the diverse works of Mary Aikenhead Ministries. The flame gives light and direction, warmth and comfort. It overcomes the darkness. The flame is the burning commitment to service the poor.

The symbols draw their strength from their alignment with inner meaning and this design expresses the confidence held for the future of Mary Aikenhead Ministries and continuity with the proud past.

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