Mary Aikenhead Ministries was granted canonical status as a public juridic person (PJP) by the Holy See in April 2008 and was formally promulgated in July 2009, with its associated body corporate, the Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries, constituted in April 2009. Established at the instigation of the Sisters of Charity Australia, Mary Aikenhead Ministries’ mission is “to succeed to, and to carry on and expand” education, health and aged care, research and community services previously conducted by the Sisters of Charity.

Upon the transfer of the ministries to the new PJP, Mary Aikenhead Education (MAE) Ltd was set up as the entity into which the school properties were transferred. The Colleges themselves had been incorporated since the early 1990s.

Under its title of Mary Aikenhead Education Australia (MAEA) and the MAEA Ministry Leader, the education ministry encompasses four girls’ secondary colleges. The MAEA schools are St Vincent’s College, Potts Point in New South Wales, St Columba’s College, Essendon and Catholic Ladies’ College, Eltham in Victoria, and Mt St Michael’s College, Ashgrove in Queensland.

Mary Aikenhead Education Australia sponsors and promotes exemplary contemporary education, in the Catholic tradition, principally for young women. At the heart of this ministry is a sustained commitment to serve others, particularly the poor and marginalised, through the application of By this everyone will know... - click here for this resource

In their governance role, the Directors of Mary Aikenhead Education (MAE) Ltd appoint the Board Directors of each of the four Colleges.

Marie Emmitt

Professor Marie Emmitt

Board Chair
Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan OAM

Board Director
David Hutton

Mr David Hutton OAM

Board Director
Leesa Jeffcoat

Ms Leesa Jeffcoat AM

Board Director
Renee Kohler-Ryan

Professor Renee Kohler-Ryan

Board Director

Marist Centre, 1 Dawson Street

Tel: 03 9389 3100

Our Colleges

New South Wales


St Vincent's College

Rockwall Crescent, Potts Point NSW 2011

In May 1858 the Sisters of Charity founded St Vincent’s School on its present site as a private co-educational primary school, St Vincent’s Day School. The property, Tarmons, had been purchased for the Sisters to open St Vincent’s Hospital in 1857. After the hospital was transferred to Darlinghurst, the Sisters also opened a small high school at Potts Point in 1871. St Vincent’s College is both the oldest Catholic girls’ school in New South Wales and the oldest registered girls’ school in Australia. It provides a high standard of education encouraging excellence, critical inquiry, independence in learning and, above all, commitment to truth and personal integrity. It is a dynamic learning community which cherishes its Catholic heritage. The College fosters creativity, discernment and leadership in the development of students to be courageous women of action. 


Established 1897

St Columba's College

2 Leslie Road, Essendon  VIC  3040 

St Columba’s College was founded in 1897 to offer girls in the Essendon area the opportunity to continue their education. The College has always offered a broad and liberal education to its students, guided by the educational mission of the Sisters of Charity. In embracing this mission the College is dedicated to developing young women characterised by enthusiasm and hope, a love of learning, strong educational endeavour, a deepening of faith, and a commitment to justice. In this endeavour it seeks to develop each student’s full potential in an environment where the individual is respected and which places God at the centre of each student’s life. 

Established 1902

Catholic Ladies' College

19 Diamond Street, Eltham  VIC  3095 

Founded in 1902 by the Sisters of Charity in East Melbourne, Catholic Ladies’ College moved to its present bushland setting in Eltham in 1971. The College provides quality education for young women in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity. It seeks to educate them, in partnership with parents, to be women of faith, integrity, individuality and compassion, confident of their own worth, and wholly involved in the transformation of society. It strives to provide contemporary, ambitious and engaging programs and facilities to foster the growth and development of positive, resilient and compassionate young women who are able to take their place of choice in the world. 


Established 1925

Mt St Michael's College

67 Elimatta Drive, Ashgrove QLD 4060

In 1925 the Sisters of Charity accepted the invitation of Archbishop Duhig to expand their work in Queensland. He gifted the Sisters the Grantuly homestead as their convent. Secondary school registration was granted in April 1928 when Grantuly College, as it was known, was officially opened. In 1941 the school was renamed Mt St Michael’s College, invoking the protection of the ‘warrior angel’ in the midst of World War II. The  College seeks to provide excellent Catholic education for young women. It nurtures its students, in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity, to be principled young women with a passion for life, a commitment to justice, and the courage to live out the teachings of Jesus.



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